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Provide people with a sense of dignity and hope by providing access to basic hygiene services: soap, clean water, a safe toilet/ shower facility, via a mobile trailer unit. The intention is to provide service to those individuals who lack regular access to toilets and bathing. Showered With Love provides people with opportunities to take a shower, shave, brush their teeth, and use the restroom. The basics for self-care. 


Our goal is to purchase two trailers. One trailer, outfitted with 3 showers, sinks, and restrooms, is intended to travel daily/ weekly to participating support organization facilities. The second trailer will contain 8 showers and sinks and will be placed at a local non-profit agency site, allowing Showered With Love to provide services on a full-time basis. 

Showered With Love is an initiative by Kelly Terrien, a local business owner, and Veteran. Mobile hygiene is not a new idea, but this is the first time it is being brought to Colorado Springs. 
The mobile trailer was designed to fit the needs of the community as well as to help Showered with Love be as efficient in cost and operations as possible. Ongoing operations will be funded through grants and donations. Water and electricity at outreach events will be supplied by the host organization using the trailers. Client access and cleaning will be accomplished via volunteers. Showered With Love volunteers are actively seeking donations to purchase the trailers, a truck to pull the 3 stall trailer, towels, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, other toiletries, and ongoing operational support.